Vicky Suarez
Vicky Suarez
Secretary/HR Officer

"Life was pretty tough and boring before I became a part of Genashtim. I was always worried because I needed funding for my medications, medical supplies and other personal needs. I was not covered by insurance before joining the company.

My life has changed when I joined Genashtim. It has affected almost all aspects of my life: financially because I'm earning a stable income; mentally because I learn many things every day; socially because I meet new people especially other PWDs; and emotionally because I was able to deal with different emotions on different things. I'm happy with my job and I am still hoping I can travel to other places, and learn other languages. I would also like to buy a new and comfortable house. We're always worried that any time our house will be demolished because we are just "squatting".

Genashtim is different because of its goal in employing deserving PWD. It looks for new ways we can compete in the corporate world."

Role in the business
Vicky started in the organization as a secretary. After 9 months, she was promoted to HR Supervisor. She screens all job applicants and conducts the initial interviews using skype video. She also looks after the contracts for all staff, and will eventually handle payroll.

Whilst working in Saudi Arabia as a pharmacist in 2004, Vicky was involved in a car accident which damaged her spine and left the lower half of her body paralyzed. With the help of her family and friends, she remains positive and continued aspiring for a new career. Prior to joining Genashtim Innovative Learning, she was a part-time web content writer.