Beyond CSR Pwd In Action 2 |

How a blind man operates a computer (0:47)
Blind people can effectively use computers with the help of a screen reader. Although in this instance, he is using no screen! As the blind person types or uses his mouse, the screen reader will read back to him what he is doing, which is all the garble you are currently hearing. Marx has increased the speed so much that only he can understand what he’s doing!

A blind coach using multimedia tools (3:22)
Here Villy is again conducting an EPiC Online session with a student. This time, despite not being able to see, he is able to share a multimedia link with the student that she can read to assist with the learning.

Ryan remotely accesses a client’s computer (1:47)
Abled Online ( provides remote PC support via the internet. Ryan, who is at home in Manila, discusses with the client in Melbourne, and identifies her need and problem. He then takes over her PC, and installs the appropriate software for her to overcome her problem.

Raj our Process Manager (3:45)
Our Process Manager Raj is paralysed from the neck down, however, this does not stop him being one of our most efficient workers. In this video he demonstrates how he uses an e-speaking software to facilitate the operations of a PC.

Delia our Operations Assistant (0:35)
Part of Delia’s job is to contact our EPiC Online coaches to schedule sessions, or to resolve problems. She uses skype to do this and calls as well as uses the chat window to type to them. She is able to do this sitting in her wheelchair at home, as well as anyone can.