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Sustainability Projects

Genashtim’s Game-Changing USD20,000 Donation to CLRC Transforms Refugee Education

A group of determined refugee women from the Middle East founded the Cisarua Refugee Learning Centre (CLRC) in Indonesia to educate their children. Despite modest resources, the school quickly expanded, highlighting the need for accessible education. Genashtim supported CRLC with a USD20,000 donation, empowering the refugee community through education.

Empower Through Education: Bridging Gaps With Online English Classes

Genashtim and Dg-Bridge collaborate on a CSR project titled “Empower Through Education: Bridging Gaps with Online English Classes.” Targeting marginalized groups like persons with disabilities, refugees, and women in oppressed areas, the initiative provides online English sessions starting March 2024.

DG Bridge Scholarship Empowers Stephanie’s Journey

To alleviate the socio-economic challenges faced by Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), Genashtim, in collaboration with the DG Bridge and the Batang Pinangga Foundation awarded a scholarship for Stephanie Supapo, a 24-year-old with mild cerebral palsy from Cebu, Philippines.

Empowering CSA Survivors Through Oyster Mushroom Farming

Tahanan Sta. Luisa is a recovery center in Metro Manila, Philippines for street girls who have survived physical and Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) that provides education, therapy, and life skills training to facilitate their recovery and unlock their full potential.

Cultivating Hope with Dragon Fruit Farm Project at Batang Pinangga

The Batang Pinangga orphanage in Cebu, Philippines, needs a sustainable income to support the center and Genashtim’s G-Tribe Radiant initiated the CSR Dragon Fruit farm project to give the orphans and staff a reliable source of income through the sale of the fruits.