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Ben Chang CEO and Founding Partner, idsMED Group

“I want to take this opportunity to thank Genashtim for supporting not only APAVM but also for all the good work you are doing for idsMED.
It’s been a wonderful partnership for many years and I look forward to more going forward.”

It’s been just over a year since B Lab Global launched a partnership with Genashtim and today marks a very special first year anniversary! With this partnership, we’ve been able to grow our capacity and verify qualifying companies as B Corp. Last year, Genashtim’s team of independent verification analysts started verifying micro-enterprises: some of the smallest but most enthusiastic applicants which were eager to join the movement. This dedicated team exceeded our expectations and quickly advanced to reviewing more complex companies with higher revenue streams. Below are Genashtim’s accomplishments over the past year:

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“I have been a great admirer of Genashtim since I first met Thomas Ng and learned about the company a few years ago. I’d like to talk about three things that I love about the company. First is the quality of their work. Genashtim helped me and my team at Microsoft build online portals for learning and mentoring, and we were very pleased with the quality of the work that they did. Secondly,

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“…Thomas is an inspiring businessman ‐ who has developed one of the most innovative models I have seen in the field of disability in many, many years. He has started from a different premise: that is he has started from a business premise not a charity one and has created dignified, respectful employment for people very disadvantaged in their social and cultural situation ‐ an absolutely splendid example of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in action.
This particular endeavour has come to the notice of many people and not least because of its innovation in small business and for a group of people very much disadvantaged in traditional labour markets.”

“…..truly inspiring to see how business people see that employing people with disabilities makes business sense”

“We, human beings have been facing globalization which brings all of us in a close relationship with information through communication technology. At the same time, we are facing several barriers such as the built-environment, information, systems, regulations and human attitudes.
Thomas is an innovative businessman who has been developing an e-business, teaching English through his e-business and providing employment for persons with disabilities.
Thomas has employed many persons with disabilities who had been discriminated against in many ways, but he is challenging those barriers through ICT technology and job placement for persons with disabilities. He is proving persons with disabilities are capable and can contribute to the business world. ICT technology provides jobs for persons with a mobility disability and encourages persons with disabilities to challenge their abilities. This makes Thomas a pioneer for job creation which also promotes a barrier-free and inclusive business.
APCD appreciates Thomas’ epoch-making business, and development of globalization with inclusive business.”

 Eleanor Allen

“You’re such an inspiring company and even better, you’re a major partner to B Lab as we certify and verify more companies to join the B Corp movement.
We couldn’t do our important work without you and we are so grateful for all you do.”

“I am incredibly impressed that 90% of their staff are people with disabilities. Genashtim has created a sustainable source of employment for these people who are also producing high quality results. I highly recommend working with them.”

I first met Thomas at a meeting of an expert panel for the establishment of the Institute on Disability and Public Policy (IDPP). Two things about Thomas impressed me greatly at that time ‐ his sense of innovation in business, and his sincere attitude towards persons with disability (PWD). These two factors are nowhere more evident than in his business venture English Proficiency in Conversation Online (EPiC Online), where PWD highly skilled in the English language coach executives and others in English conversation. The business is expanding rapidly, gaining major clients such as McDonalds Thailand, and is very proactive in hiring PWD in both teaching and administrative capacities.

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“Every so often (unfortunately not as often as one would like) you stumble across an individual and/or an organization that has the ability to take a seemingly complex issue and create simple and sensible answers that leaves you standing there rather “flat-footed” and asking yourself “Why didn’t I think of that?” Thomas Ng and Genashtim is a classic example of this situation.

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“Thomas is the pioneer in bringing to our part of the world, state-of-the-art education technologies and concepts which leverage the collaborative tools and social networking phenomena on the internet. What impresses me is that he is able to apply these technologies and concepts to make education engaging, enabling and inclusive. He is able to nurture and tap the strengths of persons with disabilities in delivering world class education services, not only to the corporate world, but also to the marginalized and impoverished societies.”