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Thomas Ng Was Selected As Knowledge Pledge’s Global Advisor

The Knowledge Pledge (TKP) has chosen the Founder and CEO of Genashtim, Thomas Ng as one of their global advisors. This is part of TKP’s curation of global expert teams who are also TKP signatories.

TKP is a repository of leaders with a track record of humanitarian actions for global growth and high-level impact. Thomas was selected after he was put through TKP’s custom matching model specifically designed for scalability and project delivery.

This is an opportunity for Thomas to use his corporate and social enterprise acumen to guide community support groups. With Thomas’ exemplary work-from-home corporate model, Genashtim can lead the future of work as humanity comes to terms with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thomas is indeed a good fit for the role as he can certainly add value to sustainable development goals further by leveraging his TKP Global Advisor position; TKP’s collective efforts to expand will lend much-needed social impact efforts that will uplift the disempowered.

Thomas is looking forward to creating more positive changes that goes beyond business and shape a better world for everyone. With a shared commitment, global transformation is possible.

Read about TKP Overview.

Read about The Knowledge Pledge (TKP) here.

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Genashtim Makes It To The 2021 Real Leaders Impact Awards’ Top 150 Companies

The new year unlocked a big achievement for Genashtim as it was chosen to receive the 2021 Real Leaders Impact Awards. Genashtim is one of the top 150 companies in the world selected to be the recipients of the award along with other international brands.

Real Leaders magazine is the world’s first sustainable business and leadership magazine that recognised business leaders who trailblaze social impact and environment protection. Genashtim, being a force to do good, was distinguished as one of the business pioneers in social and environmental impact globally. This is an honour that the company cherishes for it will continue to do its social and environmental mission.

View the complete 150 Top Impact Companies ranking here. Genashtim is on page 14, # 137.

Read more here: https://real-leaders.com/genashtim-innovative-learning/

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Thomas Ng Nominated As A SEA Region YPO Global Impact Award Finalist

We are proud to announce that Thomas Ng, Founder and CEO of Genashtim is nominated as a Southeast Asia Region YPO Global Impact Award Finalist. This is an honour and we hope Thomas wins the award.

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Forbes Recognises Genashtim’s Mission To Employ PWDS And Refugees

Genashtim has been featured in Forbes, an American business magazine that publishes original articles on finance, industry, investing, and marketing topics eight times a year. Forbes also reports on subjects such as technology, communications, science, politics, and law,

On September 8th 2020, this high profile media gathered several B Corp leaders to impart the strategies they are using as part of their research on purpose-driven business. Most importantly, the endeavors of building sustainable economies for the poor in the COVID-19 situation, were discussed.

In the article, Genashtim is positioned as a company that provides persons with disabilities (PWDs) and refugees, employment opportunities by leveraging technology and connecting them to the global economy.

Read more: http://bit.ly/2DNIcGo

Read more the article on Caixin in Chinese: http://chrismarquis.blog.caixin.com/archives/235339

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Genashtim Becomes a Member of raiSE
It’s our pleasure to announce that Genashtim Innovative Learning Pte Ltd is now a member of Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise. RaiSE is an organisation that was formed to drive the social enterprise sector in Singapore.

We are passionate about and dedicated to providing sustainable gainful employment for marginalized communities – starting with Persons with Disabilities (PWD).
We are determined to prove that with the right opportunities, working environment and processes, people from such marginalised communities can thrive and be as productive as any other workers.
Our entirely cloud-based operations and online delivery of learning and services minimise the consumption of resources and production of emissions, allowing us to operate with a very small carbon footprint.
We are honoured to be a member of raiSE and shall strive to impact society more positively.
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Genashtim is very privileged as the second company to be certified by B Corp in Southeast Asia. It is also ranked as Best for the World overall for 2016 and 2017.
B Corps are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.
Today, there is a growing community of more than 2,100 Certified B Corps from 50 countries and over 130 industries working together toward 1 unifying goal: to redefine success in business.
In 2013, Genashtim was selected by Project Zero, under the ESSL Foundation, for “Good Practice” that, in relation to employment, successfully promotes and implements the rights of persons with disabilities. And again in 2017, we were certified by Project Zero, for exemplary practices in innovation, impact, chances of long-term growth and success, and scalability, Leveraging ICT to connect people with disabilities to the global economy.
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Genashtim was the Forum-in-Business Award Winner during the YPO Innovation Week in May 9-13, 2016.

Genashtim was invited to join ILO’s Global Business and Disability Network (www.businessanddisability.org). We are a tiny little business, in the same network with the likes of Accenture, Amex, Carrefour, Cisco, Credit Suisse, Dow, E&Y, IBM, Infosys, KPMG, L’Oreal, Microsoft, Novartis, Pepsico, Samsung, UBS, Volvo, Yum! etc. And we are the first company in South East Asia to be part of this network.
Genashtim has won an Honorable Mention recognition in the ESCAP-Sasakawa Awards 2013 for its business practices that provides employment opportunities for persons with disabilities.
Thomas Ng (Founder) was selected by UNESCAP as one of seven “Promoters” for the new Asian and Pacific Decade of Persons with Disabilities, 2013-2022, in recognition of our substantive expertise and experience, extraordinary record of achievements in mobilizing support for the empowerment of persons with disabilities. As a result of this, Thomas was invited to attend the High-level Intergovernmental Meeting in Incheon in October 2012, for the launch.

Blind Heroes

An article about how Thomas Ng made Genashtim a stronger business by engaging persons with disabilities. Printed in “Real Leaders” magazine. a bi-annual publication aimed at a new breed of leader. A leader who looks beyond the narrow confines of their business and geographical location, acknowledging that the world needs a fresh approach to people and profits in order to thrive, ensuring a sustainable future for our planet.
Real Leaders magazine targets the 20,000 most influential business minds in the world today – striving to lead by example.

Digital Icons Thomas Ng of Genashtim featured on “Digital Icons – an inspiration for present and future generation of Malaysians”

The Digital Economy is creating a new generation of Malaysians. A generation that leverages DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES to change mindsets & raise skillsets to better their lives and the lives of other to create opportunities for themselves and their communities.

A WorldWideWeb Workplace: Genashtim Innovative Learning
An article on the My Handicap website, who aims to provide information and community to people with disabilities, highlighting how PWDs are engaged in different areas of the business.

Abled Online Bags First Prize in Tokyo
Genashtim’s executive Ryan Allegado “walked away” with the first prize for Abled Online, at the finals of the Universal Ventures Business Plan Contest (UVC) in Tokyo on 21st November 2010. UVC is a contest for projects by persons with disabilities (PWDs). Among the 40+ corporate sponsors of UVC is The Nippon Foundation, which is the largest in Japan, and among the top 10 foundations in the world.


“I have been a great admirer of Genashtim since I first met Thomas Ng and learned about the company a few years ago. I’d like to talk about three things that I love about the company. First is the quality of their work. Genashtim helped me and my team at Microsoft build online portals for learning and mentoring, and we were very pleased with the quality of the work that they did. Secondly,

I love the quality of people at Genashtim. I was quite amazed when I first found out that 90% of their employees were people with disability. And when I met some of them in Manila a couple of years ago, I was so impressed with their energy, their dynamism, their professionalism and commitment.And I was very inspired by the fact that they looked above and beyond their disabilities to actually focus on their true abilities and to use those true abilities to help themselves and to help others. Finally, I love the quality of Genashtim’s mission. Not only does the company have big ambitions commercially, but they also truly exemplify how technology can empower every person and every organization on the planet to do more, and I think that is indeed a lofty mission.”

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“I am incredibly impressed that 90% of their staff are people with disabilities. Genashtim has created a sustainable source of employment for these people who are also producing high quality results. I highly recommend working with them.”

I first met Thomas at a meeting of an expert panel for the establishment of the Institute on Disability and Public Policy (IDPP). Two things about Thomas impressed me greatly at that time ‐ his sense of innovation in business, and his sincere attitude towards persons with disability (PWD). These two factors are nowhere more evident than in his business venture English Proficiency in Conversation Online (EPiC Online), where PWD highly skilled in the English language coach executives and others in English conversation. The business is expanding rapidly, gaining major clients such as McDonalds Thailand, and is very proactive in hiring PWD in both teaching and administrative capacities.

Thomas’ view of PWD is very much ahead of its time. The very first time we spoke, I presented to him my vision of how IT would revolutionize the lives of the disabled in 10-20 years, by removing all barriers to participation in the workplace. “Mr. Ohno, you’ve got it wrong,” he said, “The revolution has already happened!” In his business model, PWD are at an advantage over persons without disability. For example, his blind employees are highly proficient PC users who don’t require a screen. This not only saves on the cost of the hardware, but reduces burden on environment by requiring less electricity. Furthermore, as his employees work from home, no commuting charges are incurred, and in regions prone to blackouts, his company is in a safe position, as the staff are scattered around different regions and are thus never all affected by a regional loss of power.

Thomas also extols other virtues of his disabled staff ‐ they are less likely to move on to other jobs rapidly, and, as they are often working more for their personal satisfaction and emancipation than financial reward, they tend to be much more committed and enthusiastic about their work.

Mr. Ng’s latest brainchild, developed alongside his wheelchair-using executive assistant Ryan, is Abled Online. It is essentially a service that provides remote IT support to PC users, and the staff are all PWDs.

Abled Online has since been publicly recognized for its unique business plan, taking first prize at the Universal Business Venture Plan Contest, which recognizes business venture plans that are inclusive of PWD.
As I mentioned, Thomas is innovative in business, and treats PWD as highly employable and valuable members of his staff. In light of these qualities, The Nippon Foundation, the grant making private foundation at which I work, has taken the decision to make Thomas an advisor to its planned new project “Inclusive Business,” an initiative conducted in partnership with ASEAN, which seeks to achieve the threefold goal of having businesses include PWD in their clients, their workforce and their executive staff.

In short, Thomas Ng is a talented entrepreneur who has an open mind to employment for PWD, and his work, conducted with the philosophy – “Charity is a one-off gesture, business is self-sustaining,” – will, I believe, have a major positive impact on the employment situation for PWD in many countries worldwide.”

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“Every so often (unfortunately not as often as one would like) you stumble across an individual and/or an organization that has the ability to take a seemingly complex issue and create simple and sensible answers that leaves you standing there rather “flat-footed” and asking yourself “Why didn’t I think of that?” Thomas Ng and Genashtim is a classic example of this situation.

The challenge of helping persons with disabilities to find gainful employment that provides them with dignity and independence is one that perpetually confounds professionals in the field of rehabilitation. Yet along comes a business man like Thomas Ng who with seeming ease picks up those “lemons” and turns them into tasty lemonade that becomes a win-win situation for the corporation and the disabled person.
Maybe we have been looking for solutions in the wrong places and should spend more of our time talking to enlightened entrepreneurs like Thomas Ng to help us find and develop those employment opportunities.

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“…Thomas is an inspiring businessman ‐ who has developed one of the most innovative models I have seen in the field of disability in many, many years. He has started from a different premise: that is he has started from a business premise not a charity one and has created dignified, respectful employment for people very disadvantaged in their social and cultural situation ‐ an absolutely splendid example of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in action.
This particular endeavour has come to the notice of many people and not least because of its innovation in small business and for a group of people very much disadvantaged in traditional labour markets.”

“…..truly inspiring to see how business people see that employing people with disabilities makes business sense”
“Thomas is the pioneer in bringing to our part of the world, state-of-the-art education technologies and concepts which leverage the collaborative tools and social networking phenomena on the internet. What impresses me is that he is able to apply these technologies and concepts to make education engaging, enabling and inclusive. He is able to nurture and tap the strengths of persons with disabilities in delivering world class education services, not only to the corporate world, but also to the marginalized and impoverished societies.”

“We, human beings have been facing globalization which brings all of us in a close relationship with information through communication technology. At the same time, we are facing several barriers such as the built-environment, information, systems, regulations and human attitudes.
Thomas is an innovative businessman who has been developing an e-business, teaching English through his e-business and providing employment for persons with disabilities.
Thomas has employed many persons with disabilities who had been discriminated against in many ways, but he is challenging those barriers through ICT technology and job placement for persons with disabilities. He is proving persons with disabilities are capable and can contribute to the business world. ICT technology provides jobs for persons with a mobility disability and encourages persons with disabilities to challenge their abilities. This makes Thomas a pioneer for job creation which also promotes a barrier-free and inclusive business.
APCD appreciates Thomas’ epoch-making business, and development of globalization with inclusive business.”