ESG Services

Whilst being a company which was set up and run primarily on PURPOSE, Genashtim has in recent years taken on multiple roles in the global ESG community. ESG is the abbreviation for Environment, Social Impact and Governance. Our ESG Department was set up in 2020 to put all these roles and activities under one umbrella, with dedicated management and resources, to serve our various partners, and the community.

B Corp is the global certification of for-profit companies who meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency, and… [Read More]

YPO (The Young Presidents’ Organization) has 30,000 CEOs across 142 countries, with 22 million employees, generating US$ 9 trillion in revenues… [Read More]

ESG Business Institute is a one-stop learning and professional services portal, aiming to encourage Business to create positive impact by how they make profit rather than how they spend it…[Read More]

SBF is the apex business chamber, representing 27,200member entities in Singapore. Since 2019, Genashtim has  been running… [Read More]

Genashtim is represented on the board of the ASEAN Responsible and Inclusive Alliance, helping with membership and training, as well as managing their website.

10% of Genashtim Pte Ltd and Genashtim Sdn Bhd’s profits are donated to DG-Bridge, a registered charitable foundation in Hong Kong. We also provide training and… [Read More]