Genashtim 2020

We are publishing this rather late as December 2020 and January 2021 were particularly busy for us:

  • In December, we completed a training program for 50 persons-with-disabilities in Malaysia. This was funded by Hasanah, the foundation of Khazanah, to provide English and digital skills training for the PWD to improve their employability. The participants did such a good job, that 10 of them were employed by Genashtim. Here is a video of one of them.
  • On January 5th 2021, we submitted a proposal in response to an ITQ (invitation to quote) by the Water Utility Board of Singapore. We had just wrapped up a project for them a few months earlier which we tendered for in 2019. We hope we will get lucky again this time. (Yes, we did get the award from the PUB on 19th February!)
  • Immediately after Chinese New Year, we will launch:
    • Our HR Masterclass: Urgent HR Strategies for the New Norm, which will run till the end of March. This is by invitation only.
    • An online academy for the Young Presidents Organisation.

All this capped the best year in Genashtim’s 13-year history. Our business revenues grew by 50%, and we increased our headcount by 30%. We have to thank our work-from-home model and our focus on eLearning and digital services, that allowed us to thrive in spite of COVID-19.

We established two new business units in the course of the year:

  • Learning Services, where we help our clients manage and run their internal training programmes using webinars. After an initial pilot, we already have the mandate to manage about 5,000 hours of webinars in 2021.
  • ESG (Environment, Social Impact & Governance). We have had a number of activities which we felt needed a dedicated team to manage. In this business unit, we have:
    • Our CSR in Action – Business Impact Training, with the Singapore Business Federation. We have received the mandate to run this for the 3rd year in 2021.
    • Our B Market Builder activities, where we represent B Lab to encourage and help companies in Southeast Asia to go for their B Corp certification. We should also mention that during the year, Genashtim Sdn Bhd became the first and only B Corp certified company in Malaysia.
    • Setting up and running a virtual academy for YPO SEA Lestari chapter, the first YPO chapter in the world dedicated to social impact.
    • And we are pleased to announce partnerships with:
      • raiSE – the social enterprise authority of Singapore.
      • ARAIBA – the ASEAN Responsible and Inclusive Business Alliance.
      • DG-Bridge – we are supporting this charitable foundation in Hong Kong. All our CSR and philanthropic initiatives will be channelled through DG-Bridge.

We picked up further awards in 2020:

Our founder Thomas Ng continues to be frequently invited for speaking engagements e.g.

  • Virtual Growth Summit
  • E-Nation by MaGIC
  • Oasis, by KrASIA
  • Asia School of Business (Sloan)
  • The Young Presidents Organisation

And he was appointed as one of the Founding Global Advisors for Knowledge Impact Network.

We continue to be widely published globally including in Forbes, two German Government magazines, One Young World, Singapore French Chamber of Commerce, etc. Visit the news section of our website for more details.

We approach the Year of the Ox with much enthusiasm and excitement to charge ahead with driving Business as a FORCE for Good, in particular to provide livelihood for people that the corporate world has left behind.