Seong Toh
Seong Toh
QA Assistant

I was serving as a braille transcriber at a home for the blind in my country for 6 and a half years between March 2009 and September 2016. Although I enjoyed my work there, my employer has finally decided not to renew my annual employment contract because my service was no longer relevant for the organization. I felt frustrated, down and angry over the decision. However, instead of keep mourning and blaming my former employer for their decision, I chose to move on and and seek for new opportunities. Genashtim has become another niche for me to learn, excel, contribute and shine again in my life.

Genashtim, to me, is a family-like organization where everybody is allowed to exchange ideas, knowledge and skills among “family members”, especially anything related to the interest of the company and in the line of each person’s duty. I sincerely hope that everyone would keep this up and all of us could cooperate with each other for the sake of the company’s interest and personal development.

Role in the business
I commenced my service in Genashtim since 18th of July 2016 as a quality assurance assistance and a staff coach. My roles include evaluating EPiC sessions and preparing reports for evaluated sessions, monitor coach compliance based on the guidelines set by the company and render assistance in order to make sure that EPiC sessions run smooth.

I usually summarise the description about my disability to a sentence of not more than five words: "I am blind since birth".