Ryan Allegado
Ryan Allegado
General Manager for Abled Online

"Before being employed by Genashtim, our financial situation was not very good. We did not have enough money to sustain our daily needs and we had no choice but to ask money from my family or borrow money from friends and other people. We really have to tighten our belts in order to survive. I was working as a freelance web content writer with several employers back then, but income is not sufficient, not to mention sleepless nights just to beat the deadlines. The income was not even commensurate with the hours and work involved.

On September 1, 2009, I was hired by Mr. Thomas Ng to work for Genashtim as his Executive Assistant. My employment with Genashtim has totally changed my life in terms of career and financial status. I could not believe that I am now working in a corporate environment in an executive position. After three months of hard work, I was promoted to be part of the Business Development Team and then later on commissioned to be General Manager for Abled Online, a new business venture of the company.

With my work, I am now earning a decent income, enough to sustain our daily needs without needing to borrow money again. Now we can have good food on the table and have some extra money to spare for leisure and savings.

I must say that my job with Genashtim is one of my greatest achievements. It is also very fulfilling. Working with a company that recognizes the things that you can do rather than your disability is something worthwhile. My dream is simple, to secure my family's future and to be part of this company as it continues to grow and succeed.

Genashtim is different in the sense that it is almost operating virtually with all of its employees working from home. It is also one of a kind because it provides equal employment opportunities for Persons With Disabilities, even in key positions of the company. It is rare to find a company that maximizes the skills of PWDs for its own business advantage, and provides a decent income as a return for good service.

I consider my employment with Genashtim as a blessing and I am very happy and thankful for it. I am so proud being part of Genashtim."

Role in the business
As General Manager for Abled Online (www.abledonline.com), a new business division of Genashtim, Ryan oversees all aspects of developing the business, including product development, training and recruitment, and operations.

At the age of two, Ryan was afflicted with Poliomyelitis causing his inability to walk for the rest of his life. Because of his disability, he has to use a wheelchair in order to move around. Despite his disability, with the support of his parents, Ryan finished high school and entered college to study Computer Science. Ryan worked for several years with Bigay Buhay Multipurpose Cooperative holding various administrative positions. Because of his experience with the NGO, he was chosen to participate in a three-month training in 2000 with the Agape Exchange Program in Kanagawa, Japan. Through the training, he developed his skills in graphics design. He established a small computer shop in 2003. With his experience in the computer business, it has expanded his technical knowledge in computers. Later on, he became a freelance article writer.