Nur Ashikeen
Nur Ashikeen
Client Account Executive

Life is pretty much the same before Genashtim. Genashtim lets you work from home. It has made my life pretty much easier to be working from home.

I am very honored working here with others PWDs. Genashtim encourages PWDs to work from home. It also advocates hope for people to never stop believing in what one is capable of doing.

Role in the business
My work is on dealing with client account management, and assisting the clients that I handle for the coordination of their epic sessions. These include: Being the main interface for client relationship; Working closely with the QA to monitor studentsí progress and performance; Providing weekly progress reports to the client to inform them about student progress; Providing a final corporate report to the client upon completion of a student batch. Report should be detailed and should contain proposals moving forward.

I am wheelchair bound, due to a bike accident I met back on 2008. I fractured my spinal cord and can't walk anymore. I have lost my legs mobility