Michael Miranda
Michael Miranda
Web Master

I was born with a congenital deformity in both legs and thus orthopedically-impaired since birth. I never had the opportunity play with my childhood friends.

Before working for Genashtim I was running a small computer shop. The shop offers basic computer tutorials and assistance to IT students with their programming assignments. Income from the shop is very sporadic and barely sufficient to meet all of our familys expenses not even to mention the expenses to keep the shop in operation.

Joining Genashtim has provided me with a sense of financial security knowing that I now have a regular monthly income to support my family. Genashtim has a novel approach to employing PWDs. Most companies avoid hiring PWDs due to the assumption that there are additional costs incurred to accommodate PWDs in the workplace. Genashtims innovation in developing a home-based employment system has eliminated the barriers faced by PWDs wanting to be employed, for example; are the challenges faced by PWDs while commuting to and fro, special needs at the workplace and more. Genashtim views its PWD employees as assets and believes in their inherent capability they also provide programs to enhance their employees current skills set.

At present I am the Web Master/Developer maintaining the websites of Genashtim. I also administer different domains and hosting accounts of the company.

Role in the business

Michael works as Web Master / Developer for Genashtim. His tasks include creating, developing and launching websites for the company.

He was born with congenital deformity of the lower limbs. He was able to walk with a limp until age 3. His parents were very supportive. Michael had a relatively normal upbringing and attended a regular school in his hometown. He took up Civil Engineering at UP but came 1 semester short of finishing his course. Later on he ventured into the fray of Computer Programming at Adtech Computer School which has also led to his employment as a teacher at the school. Apart from this he also does freelance web design.