Mariecell Fornis
Mariecell Fornis
HR Manager
Visually Impaired

"Before Genashtim, I was a part-time transcriptionist for an NGO. My career with them was not healthy especially when it came to compensation, because there were delays of sometimes 2 or 3 months before I got paid. The work is erratic, and often, I have nothing to do.

Genashtim gave my career a total twist. Not only I can now buy things that I want, I can also help with the bills at home. I now have confidence in myself. I am proud of myself because despite my situation, I can still earn just like other people. Genashtim not only helped me but it also made my family and friends realize that a PWD can also be productive and have a career.

I feel so blessed with my job now. It's an answered prayer from God, and like a dream come true. I love my work and my work loves me. My aspiration is to give my best and do well, so that I can stay long with Genashtim. Genashtim is different - they employ PWD not because they empathize or sympathize with us but because they believe in our knowledge, skill and capabilities. And they treat us just like any employee. It is amazing to be able to work from home."

Role in the business
Mariecell works as Secretary for Mr. Thomas Ng. Her tasks include arranging flight and hotel bookings for Thomas and his family, maintain summary of his flight schedules, arranging restaurant and other reservations, conduct phone call follow-ups, send email blasts, and perform other administrative tasks for the company.

Recently she was promoted as the HR Manager for the Company while providing training to her reliever in the Secretarial department.

Mariecell became blind when she was on her last year in college, prior to her graduation in 2002. Going home, they came upon a construction site without a warning device or sign, her father lost control of the car and they crashed.  She has also undergone reconstructive surgeries on her jaws brought by the accident. While recuperating, she has learned to use Braille and has trained to use computers for visually-impaired. Mariecell has become a part-time transcriptionist for ATRIEV (Adaptive Technology for Rehabilitation, Integration, and Empowerment of the Visually Impaired).