Jojo Pablo
Jojo Pablo
Operations Assistant
Right Hand Paralyzed

I used to work as a freelancer before which is also a home based job. Before Genashtim I have to look for another job after a month or so, there is no contract and no guarantee on when that specific project will end. That routine is quite tiring because you donít know when you are going to have another project and the fact that you need to look for a new job/project from time to time is really exhausting. When I got into Genashtim everything has been changed. From not looking for just a freelance project to a Stable job. I'm getting my salary every month and I already have government contributions which freelance job doesn't have. What I also like the most is we have medical reimbursement wherein I don't need to worry about getting hospitalized or what (knock on wood) because I know that Iím covered.

Genashtim is about helping and giving equal opportunity to someone with a disability. Giving hope that someone can be in an industry or field without discrimination. A great perspective that someone can still do great things, can change something in a different way despite their disabilities. Iím happy with my career in Genashtim, I know that Iím in a good working environment, people and higher management are working fairly with the employees. I'm looking forward to working with this company for more years and if given a chance be promoted soon.

Role in the business
Jojoís role in monitoring team is to make sure that he answer all the coaches and students inquiry. He also doing hosting whenever it is needed especially if the coach or student doesn't have a good internet connection so they can have a smooth session. He also doing some reports on how well the session went, doing some incident reports if there would be a student who provides negative feedback to their coach.

He acquired his disability from a vehicular accident which caused his right hand to become paralyzed.