Hoang Duy
Hoang Duy
Remote PC Technician – Abled Online

“Computers are my passion. I was exposed to computers from an early age because I was house bound. The plus side to this was that I had loads of time on my hands to learn, play and work with computers. Four years ago, my brother (brother of friend), who had graduated from university with a degree in IT, started me on a journey of learning programming and website development. Ever since I have done a lot of self study and I am now able to design and write the programming for a simple website, manage a domain and coordinate the hosting of websites.

I have an insatiable desire to learn about and work in the field of information technology. Some time ago, I tried my hand at sales over the internet. I created a website with the aim of to making money with Google AdSense. This did not prove to be effective. The money I earned could not cover the costs.”

I have not earned any certificates nor have I graduated from any university. My immobility made it difficult for me to find jobs. I tried to do sales over the internet, doing Google AdSense, offers and surveys… that was before I joined Genashtim. Now, im working as web developer in Genashtim. Genashtim has given me more than a job, it has given me a friendly environment with many new friends. I have learned a lot from here and up to this date, I am still on the process of learning many new things for my improvement as a person. But above all these, Genashtim has given me the confidence and the ability to prove to myself that I can earn and care for my family regardless of the disability.

Role in the business
Duy is a Remote PC Technician for Abled Online and later on assigned as one of the web developer of Genashtim. His tasks includes: Maintaining and updating all websites of the company; Being in-charge of programming work and maintenance of database, payment portals & applications; Researching and recommending improvements or development of the websites; Performing tasks for the M-Powered project on a timely manner.

When Duy was 4 he had a fever for three days, as a result of this he was unable to walk for a period of time. As time passed his muscles gradually shrank and his legs and hands became weak. He tried to maintain some mobility though and continued his studies. He graduated from high school in 2009. At this point in time he could not walk or stand without support and was thus wheelchair bound. His hands were too weak to make use of a manual wheelchair. In 2010, after numerous trips to hospitals, he was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type III, an incurable disease. His health will continue to decline as told by his doctors.

As stated earlier, Duy now works as a Remote PC Technician for Abled Online, a division of Genashtim Innovative Learning.