Achilles Arevalo
Achilles Arevalo
Web Developer

Before Genashtim, I was previously employed in an Australian Company as a homebased software Engineer but it lasted for only 3 months since it was on a contractual basis. After that employment, I was unemployed for almost 9 months and it was very difficult for me since I am the bread winner of the family and my wife was forced to work and it was both difficult for us because we have to pay for our monthly rental, electric bill, water bill and internet connectivity. For 10 months, I needed to borrow money from my friends and relatives. I really tried my best to look for an office or a homebased job on the internet every single day and night, until I found Genashtim.

Genashtim saved me and my family. It helped me pay my debts, house rental, water and electric bills, and put me back into social circulation. I got a better quality of life now. Genashtim gave life a new meaning. It gave me an idea on how to help other PWDs here in our place.

Role in the business
I started working for Genashtim last August 1, 2016 and was designated to be a Web developer. Developer. I am hoping for better career opportunities in the future with Genashtim.

I was attacked by a polio virus when I was 6 months old. I was brought to the beautiful island of Marinduque not knowing that it will rain that day, My aunt and I experienced an unusually high fever which lasted for almost 2 weeks. After that incident, my family noticed that my right foot slowly degenerated and weakened as time passed. Until now, I can only walk with the use of a pair of crutches. In spite of my current situation, I am still proud knowing that I am a part of this reputable institution The Genashtim Innovative Learning.