Gee Muthu
Gee Muthu
English Coach & Accountant

1.       What was life like before Genashtim?

Before joining Genashtim, I didn't have much work to do and had too much of free time that I was bored. But now, Genashtim has given me a job and my time is occupied well.


2.       What has Genashtim meant to you?

Genashtim has given me an opportunity to work again and from the comfort of my home without troubling anyone. It has brought back my self-confidence and independence again.


3.       What has been your career in Genashtim, and what is your current role?

At the moment I am appointed as an EPiC Online Coach and Accountant in Genashtim.


4.       What is the nature of your disability, and how did you acquire it?

I have Polio since I was 8 months old. I am mobile but I wear special shoes and I cannot use my right hand at all.