Our Sustainability Projects

Empowering Healthcare Access Worldwide

Amidst global healthcare challenges, Genashtim is cognizant that accessing medical care remains a critical issue for numerous communities worldwide. As such, Genashtim has taken a significant step forward by partnering with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Australia as a Field Partner by contributing to reach out to even more people in need.

Médecins Sans Frontières, also known as Doctors Without Borders, is an international humanitarian organization renowned for its unwavering dedication to providing medical assistance to people affected by conflict, epidemics, natural disasters, or exclusion from healthcare. With operations in over 70 countries, MSF works tirelessly to save lives and alleviate suffering, often in places where others cannot or will not go.

This partnership underscores Genashtim’s commitment to supporting MSF’s mission. By being a Field Partner, Genashtim aims to enhance MSF’s operations and reach more communities in need. Together, Genashtim and MSF Australia aspire to make a tangible impact on vulnerable populations, ensuring the fundamental right to healthcare for all.

For more information about Médecins Sans Frontières Australia and their humanitarian initiatives, please visit MSF Australia’s website.

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Empower Through Education: Bridging Gaps with Online English Classes
Online Students
Empower Through Education: Bridging Gaps with Online English Classes

Genashtim, in collaboration with Dg-Bridge, has embarked on a meaningful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project. Titled “Empower Through Education: Bridging Gaps with Online English Classes,” the initiative seeks to provide online English classes to NGOs catering to marginalized groups to prepare them for future employment opportunities. The venture targets persons with disabilities, refugees, women in oppressed areas, and out-of-school youth, recognizing the unique challenges they face.

The project, starting in March 2024, has garnered interest from three NGOs namely the Davao del Norte Persons with Disability Association, the Disabled Motorcycle Community, and the Quadpara Association of South Africa. These NGOs have so far enrolled 28 enthusiastic learners for our online English sessions.Our coaches, who conduct the sessions, also belong to marginalized communities. By recruiting them, we empower them with teaching skills and the resources needed to generate additional income. Dg-Bridge also intends to reach out to more partner NGOs so more marginalized individuals can benefit. The impact of this program extends beyond education by facilitating access to employment opportunities and social integration for learners.

Through initiatives like this, we are actively doing our part in creating a more equitable and inclusive society through the transformative power of education. As we continue to expand our reach, we invite you to join us in this journey toward a future that is bright and inclusive of all!

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Genashtim’s Game-Changing USD20,000 Donation to CLRC Transforms Refugee Education

A group of determined refugee women from the Middle East took the initiative to establish the Cisarua Refugee Learning Centre (CLRC) – a school for their children who are denied formal education in the host country, Indonesia. With modest resources, a small room, and a USD200 donation, the school rapidly expanded within three months, demonstrating the pressing need for accessible education in the refugee community.

Recognizing the vital role of CRLC and inspired by its success, Genashtim took proactive measures to support the sustainability and growth of this refugee-led initiative. A substantial donation of USD20,000 was provided to CRLC, enabling them to operate efficiently and enhance their capacity to educate a larger number of refugee children.

Genashtim’s donation extends beyond financial support; it signifies a commitment to empowering refugee communities through education.

Transforming Lives Through Sustainable Refugee Education Initiatives

In Indonesia, the Refugee Learning Nest stands as a haven for middle eastern refugees with dreams of a better future. The harsh reality of financial constraints and limited resources, however, hampers their access to quality education.

In response, Genashtim launched the ‘Adopt a Refugee Teacher’ and ‘Adopt a Learning Center’ initiatives. The first provides crucial financial assistance, allowing refugee teachers to focus on shaping young minds while the latter offers businesses in Indonesia an opportunity to contribute by providing life-changing educational opportunities for the refugee children and youth.

Beyond financial aid, Genashtim addressed the urgent need for better infrastructure by constructing additional classrooms at the Refugee Learning Nest. Amid the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Genashtim donated tablets and devices, ensuring uninterrupted education through online classes.

The Refugee Learning Nest’s response transcended mere gratitude; it illuminated a journey of transformation and unwavering resilience. Genashtim’s sustainability projects aren’t fleeting solutions – they are the very pillars supporting enduring change. Through these impactful initiatives, Genashtim serves as a beacon, compelling others to join in shaping a future that is both sustainable and equitable for all.

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DG Bridge Scholarship Empowers Stephanie's Journey

To alleviate the socio-economic challenges faced by Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), Genashtim, in collaboration with the DG Bridge and the Batang Pinangga Foundation awarded a scholarship for Stephanie Supapo, a 24-year-old with mild cerebral palsy from Cebu, Philippines. Raised by a single mother in challenging economic circumstances, Stephanie demonstrated remarkable strength and resilience to educate herself.

The scholarship was awarded in mid-2023 to enable Stephanie to pursue a bachelor’s degree in computer science at AMA Computer College. Currently in her final year of college, Stephanie’s journey exemplifies the positive impact of the project in breaking barriers to education and empowerment.

Genashtim’s commitment to empowering people with disabilities with sustainable living underscores the transformative influence of the scholarship.

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Genashtim Kali Kedua
voleyball team
Thrift for Empowerment: Inclusive CSR Initiative for LGBTQIA+ & PLWHIV in Garut

Genashtim’s G-Tribe Balancer initiated the “Thrift for Empowerment” project in early 2023 for the LGBTQIA+ community and individuals living with HIV (PLWHIV) in Garut, West Java, Indonesia, in response to their economic plight of marginalization and discrimination. The project involves expanding a thrift store selling pre-owned clothing to empower these marginalized individuals with sustainable and economic opportunities that might otherwise be out of reach.

Beyond its commercial purpose, the thrift store acts as a welcoming space for community building, providing a supportive environment where members of the LGBTQIA+ community and those living with HIV can find solidarity and empowerment for meaningful living.

By fostering economic inclusivity and community support, the project created a tangible and positive impact on the LGBTQIA+ community and those living with HIV, underscoring Genashtim’s unwavering commitment to promoting diversity and challenging social barriers in Garut, West Java.

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Tahanan Sta Luisa - (TSL)
Empowering CSA Survivors through Oyster Mushroom Farming

Tahanan Sta. Luisa is a recovery center in Metro Manila, Philippines for street girls who have survived physical and child sexual abuse (CSA) that provides education, therapy, and life skills training to facilitate their recovery and unlock their full potential. Seeing the need to enhance sustainability efforts for this community, another G-Tribe team of Genashtim employees, G-Force, has taken proactive measures to provide them with a long-term sustainable program.

Genashtim has sponsored an additional livelihood program for the survivors to acquire the knowledge and skills to do oyster mushroom farming to equip them with the necessary skills to start their own businesses upon reintegrating into society.

These two life skills lay the foundation for sustainable, long-term impact to build resilience and self-sufficiency among the survivors for a brighter future beyond adversity.

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Genashtim Batang Pinangga
Cultivating Hope with Dragon Fruit Farm Project at Batang Pinangga

The Batang Pinangga orphanage in Cebu, Philippines, needs a sustainable income to support the center and Genashtim’s G-Tribe Radiant initiated the CSR Dragon Fruit farm project to give the orphans and staff a reliable source of income through the sale of the fruits.

By providing the orphanage with the resources to cultivate a dragon fruit farm, the harvest not only gives a sustainable solution to the center’s nutritional needs but also helps them financially. This project stands as a testament to Genashtim’s dedication to holistic community development.

This Dragon Fruit farm project is a strategic step towards building a long-term income for the orphanage to provide the children with sustainable living.

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Bridging the Gap to the Global Job Market for Afghan Refugees through Skills Training

Afghan refugees, who despite being qualified professionals, face challenges in accessing global employment opportunities. Caught in this dilemma, Genashtim’s G-Tribe Cool Gang came forward with a proposal to solve the plight of these refugees. The initiative aimed to bridge the gap by establishing a training program to connect these qualified individuals to the global job market.

Genashtim sponsored USD 3025.50 for the whole program to enroll seven selected candidates, comprising one refugee and six young professionals, in EDX courses. These courses were tailored to enhance their skills which would improve their prospects of securing positions with international employers.

By equipping them with the enhanced skills necessary to meet international standards, this CSR project is not only on an individual level, but it also addresses the broader issues of employment accessibility for qualified professionals from Afghanistan in the global job market. After the program, one of the refugees secured a position at Genashtim as a web developer.

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Genashtim Empowers Afghan Families with Financial Aid and Skills Training for Sustainable Livelihood

In 2021, Genashtim responded to the urgent needs of 11 impoverished families from Afghanistan facing the harsh winter conditions.

Recognizing the critical situation, Genashtim provided a monthly allowance of USD100 to each family, offering financial relief during this challenging period. Complementing the monetary aid, essential food items were distributed, ensuring the families’ basic needs were met.

In pursuit of sustainable support, a strategic approach had to be taken, and the women in these families were given training in sewing skills for a practical and income-generating endeavor. To enable their independent economic pursuits, Genashtim donated a total of 11 sewing machines. This CSR initiative not only equipped them with valuable skills but also provided the means to generate income for long-term self-sufficiency.

Genashtim’s generosity will create lasting positive change in communities facing adversity.

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Rebuilding Together: Genashtim Supports Turkish Families after the 2023 Earthquake

In early 2023, southern Turkey, near the northern border of Syria, faced the aftermath of a catastrophic magnitude 7.8 earthquake. Responding to the urgent plea for assistance from a Turkish family directly affected by the disaster, Genashtim took immediate action to support their recovery.

In a compassionate gesture, Genashtim donated a total of USD1000 to the affected family, providing crucial financial aid during their challenging recovery period. This direct intervention aimed to alleviate immediate hardships and contribute to the family’s efforts to rebuild their lives in the wake of the devastating earthquake.

Genashtim’s swift and targeted donation stands as a testament to its commitment to aiding communities in times of crisis. it’s a dedication to making a meaningful difference in the face of natural disasters.

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Other Projects We Supported

Genashtim and idsMED Unite to Bring Hope and Health to Refugees in Cisarua

Nestled in the quiet hills of Cisarua, Bogor, Indonesia, the Refugee Learning Nest (RLN) serves as a haven for Afghan refugees. During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the refugee community faced a pressing need for vaccinations.

In response, Genashtim joined forces with idsMED Indonesia to launch a vaccination program with funds from generous anonymous donors and friends from Australia, Malaysia, and Canada. The initiative aimed to protect more than 300 individuals, including Genashtim’s interns, refugee teachers, and their families.

Coordinated with local health authorities and UNHCR Indonesia, the first doses were administered on 1-2 October 2021, offering relief and hope to over 200 recipients. The remaining participants were vaccinated by the end of October and early November.This project stands as a testament to the impactful results achieved when individuals and organizations unite for a common cause. Genashtim’s commitment to social responsibility played a pivotal role in this collaborative effort. Together with idsMED Indonesia, they transformed RLN into a symbol of unity and compassion, making it a sanctuary not just for education but also for health and community resilience.

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Hilltribe Organics

Hill Tribe Organics is a social enterprise project developed by YPO WPO – Catapult, which aims to support the development of young adult social entrepreneurs and to “catapult” the living conditions of the least fortunate communities in developing countries with the aim of at least doubling annual family income on a sustainable basis.


Rags2Riches was started by a few university students in the Philippines to help increase the income of women living on the infamous Smokey Mountain in Payatas. From making crude door mats with rags that they collected from rubbish, these women are now producing high-end products designed by famous international designers. In the process, the income of these women increased 12-fold.

The Picha Project is a social enterprise which aims to empower marginalised communities in Malaysia through a sustainable food catering and delivery business. We provide job opportunities to families from the marginalised groups by creating a platform for them to cater food to the public, utilizing their existing cooking skills and equipping them further with professional guidance.