More CSR projects

Vaccination for refugees in Indonesia, and helping some of the most vulnerable families in Afghanistan survive the winter.

Other CSR project we support

Hill Tribe Organics is a social enterprise project developed by YPO WPO – Catapult, which aims to support the development of young adult social entrepreneurs and to “catapult” the living conditions of the least fortunate communities in developing countries with the aim of at least doubling annual family income on a sustainable basis.

Rags2Riches was started by a few university students in the Philippines to help increase the income of women living on the infamous Smokey Mountain in Payatas. From making crude door mats with rags that they collected from rubbish, these women are now producing high-end products designed by famous international designers. In the process, the income of these women increased 12-fold.

The Picha Project is a social enterprise which aims to empower marginalised communities in Malaysia through a sustainable food catering and delivery business. We provide job opportunities to families from the marginalised groups by creating a platform for them to cater food to the public, utilizing their existing cooking skills and equipping them further with professional guidance.