More CSR projects

Vaccination for refugees in Indonesia, and helping some of the most vulnerable families in Afghanistan survive the winter.

Other CSR projects we support

Genashtim Kali Kedua
Genashtim Balancer Thrift for Empowerment

“Thrift for Empowerment” is a sustainability project initiated by a group of Genashtim employees, G-Tribe Balancer, in early 2023. It is essentially the expansion of a thrift store selling pre-owned clothes. The thrift store business aims to empower the LGBTQIA+ community and people living with HIV in Garut, West Java, Indonesia, who are often marginalized and face discrimination in the job market. The store provides members of these communities with economic opportunities and a safe space for community building.

Tahanan Sta Luisa - (TSL)

Tahanan Sta Luisa is a recovery center in Metro Manila for street girls who survived physical and sexual abuse. It offers education, therapy, and life skills training to help these girls recover and reach their full potential. As part of its sustainability initiative, another G-Tribe, G-Force, consisting of Genashtim employees, decided to sponsor additional livelihood programs like digital literacy training and oyster mushroom farming to equip the girls with the skills necessary to start their own businesses upon reintegrating with society.

Genashtim Batang Pinangga

The Batang Pinangga Dragon Fruit farm project is another CSR project sponsored by Genashtim. Initiated by G-Tribe Radiant as part of their sustainability initiative, the project involves the cultivation of a dragon fruit farm at Batang Pinangga, an orphan care center in Cebu, Philippines. Besides being a source of fresh, organic produce for the orphans and staff, the farm is expected to provide the center with a potential source of income from the sale of dragon fruits.

Refugee Training Program
Building Futures From EDX Courses to Global Careers Genashtim

G-Tribe Cool Gang, a group of Genashtim staff, proposed to run a training program as part of their sustainability initiative aimed at connecting qualified and experienced professionals from Afghanistan to the global job market. In the program, 7 candidates (1 refugee and 6 young professionals from Afghanistan) were selected to enroll in EDX courses sponsored by Genashtim. The program, amounting to USD 3025.50, focused on enhancing their skills to improve their chances of being hired by international employers. Later, one of them was offered a position at Genashtim as a web developer.

Genashtim funded the DG Bridge Scholarship project in collaboration with the Batang Pinangga Foundation. Stephanie Supapo, a 24-year-old with mild cerebral palsy from Cebu, Philippines was selected to receive the scholarship in mid-2023. Raised by a single mother and hailing from a poor economic background, Stephanie grew to become a strong and resilient young lady. With the scholarship, she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science at AMA Computer College and is currently in her final year of college.  

In 2021, Genashtim provided a monthly allowance of USD100 to help 11 impoverished families from Afghanistan survive the winter. Besides monetary assistance, essential food items were also distributed to the families. For ongoing self-sustainability, the women in the families were trained in sewing skills. A total of 11 sewing machines were donated to them so that they could generate an income independently, putting their newfound skills to good use.   

In early 2023, southern Turkey, near the northern border of Syria was struck by a deadly and devastating magnitude 7.8 earthquake. Answering the plea of a Turkish family affected by the massive earthquake, Genahstim donated a total of USD1000 to the family to assist their recovery.  


The Cisarua Refugee Learning Centre (CRLC) is the first refugee-led school in Indonesia. Realizing that education is a fundamental right of every individual, a small group of refugee women established a school for their children. Starting as a small room with just a few books and USD200 donation, the school expanded to a bigger space within 3 months. The development of CRLC inspired at least 10 other refugee-led learning centers in Indonesia. Genashtim donated a total of USD20,000 to CRLC so they can operate sustainably and build their capacity to educate more refugee children. 

Hill Tribe Organics is a social enterprise project developed by YPO WPO – Catapult, which aims to support the development of young adult social entrepreneurs and to “catapult” the living conditions of the least fortunate communities in developing countries with the aim of at least doubling annual family income on a sustainable basis.

Rags2Riches was started by a few university students in the Philippines to help increase the income of women living on the infamous Smokey Mountain in Payatas. From making crude door mats with rags that they collected from rubbish, these women are now producing high-end products designed by famous international designers. In the process, the income of these women increased 12-fold.

The Picha Project is a social enterprise which aims to empower marginalised communities in Malaysia through a sustainable food catering and delivery business. We provide job opportunities to families from the marginalised groups by creating a platform for them to cater food to the public, utilizing their existing cooking skills and equipping them further with professional guidance.