Genashtim 2023
Genashtim in 2023

2023 proved to be another landmark year for us. As we celebrated our 15th year of operations, we set new records financially as well for our social impact. We honoured 13 of our team members who had worked for us for more than 10 years. They are all people with disabilities.


Our revenues grew again by another 50% in 2023. Much of this came from our ESG Services Department, in particular the verification work for B Lab Global. Today, we have more than 80 experts across 20 countries delivering this service in French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, English, Bahasa Indonesia, and Chinese. We have been given another generous mention in their annual report.

In the coming year, this work will be transferred to To-Cert Pte Ltd, which is our wholly-owned subsidiary, managed by a COO.

For our other products and services, whilst not having the same exponential growth experienced during the COVID-19 years, they are nevertheless significantly higher than our 2019 numbers, and look set to continue to grow.

Our profits and cash flow continue to grow significantly.


Our financial success enabled us to increase employment, improve benefits for our employees, and fund a growing number of social impact projects. Read more about them in the Sustainability section of our website.

We are also very happy to publish our Sustainability Report which complies with the requirements and guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

We were very privileged to have Professor Chris Marquis join us in Kuala Lumpur end November. Chris taught at Harvard Business School for 10 years, and then moved to Cornell University where he was Professor for Global Sustainable Enterprises and then moved on to Cambridge University. He found time in between his speaking engagements to attend our Genashtim get-together which was followed by an event with the Malaysian B Corp companies.

A journalist from The Edge was invited to interview Chris. She also spoke to a number of the B Corp companies, and the outcome was this rather extensive article published on 13th January.


We need to be constantly reminded that our financial success emanates from the purpose of our company, which is to leverage technology and the internet to connect the disadvantaged to the global economy. Most of them are persons with disabilities (PWD) in less developed economies, where good jobs are hard to come by and commuting is a problem. Hence out of necessity, we had to forge a 100% remote work company from our inception in 2008. This remote work model in turn constrained us to focus on eLearning, and digitalisation, which together with ESG Services put us in a rather favourable strategic position during the COVID-19 years.

It is providential that the limitations around our purpose statement led us on a path to financial success. For Labor Day in 2023, we prepared this infographic about our employees reflecting the diversity and depth of connections we have created around the globe.


Once again, we owe our heartfelt gratitude to our people, our customers, our principals, and many others who have granted us the financial success which enables us to continue to nurture and expand our social impact.

As we move into the new Lunar Year, may the fiery breathe of the Dragon further fuel our growth and purpose, and help us soar to new heights.