About Us
Genashtim is a for-profit social enterprise, subscribing to the Triple Bottom Line concept of Profits, People and Planet. It was founded in 2004 by Thomas Ng, a Malaysian who currently lives in Australia. Thomas’ mission then was to leverage technology and the internet to connect marginalized communities to the global economy. This continues to be Genashtim’s primary purpose today.


We believe in the for-profit model because of the 3 “ty’s”:
– Sustainability
– Scalability
– Dignity – for the people engaged knowing that they are not surviving on handouts.


We are passionate about and dedicated to providing sustainable gainful employment for marginalized communities – starting with Persons With Disabilities (PWD). In March 2018, 90% of our permanent staff were PWD. Since then, we have also hired refugees and retirees. Today, 60% of our people are PWD, 30% refugees and 5% retirees. It is worth noting that most of our clients are not even aware of this.

We have also started discussions with lepers, the HIV infected, ex-convicts and women in oppressed environments. We are determined to prove that with the right opportunities, working environment and processes, people from such marginalized communities can thrive and be at least as productive as any other workers



Our entirely cloud-based operations and online delivery of learning and services minimize consumption of resources and production of emissions, allowing us to operate with a very small carbon footprint. Additionally, it provides a safe working environment for our people, enabling them to have a better quality of life.

Read more about our people here.

Genashtim’s staff in the Philippines

Genashtim’s staff in Malaysia

Board of Advisors

We are very blessed and fortunate to have a sterling board of advisors, who are passionate to help us purely because they believe in what we are doing.

Stella Wong

Stella Wong has over 25 years of experience in human resource…

Dr. Bradley Elphinstone

Dr. Bradley Elphinstone (PhD, psychology) lectures…

Willie Tham

With a Degree in Civil Engineering from Imperial College London…

Dr. Daniel Tan

Over 20 years ago, established eLearning at NTU…

Guy Russo

Guy retired as the Managing Director of Target and Kmart…

Management Team

thomas ng

Thomas Ng

Founder & CEO

thomas ng

Oh Thean Khoon


thomas ng

Andrea Chua

Human Resources

thomas ng

Ryan Allegado

Chief Technical Officer

thomas ng

Yap Kim Soon

Sales & Business Development

Andrew Manassee

Marketing & Corp. Communications

thomas ng

Macleen Nabong

Learning Digitalisation

thomas ng

Maszuin Kamarudin

Content Development & QA

Why the Name?

Genashtim (pronounced jen-ash-tim) is an acronym of the family members of our founder. His wife’s name is Genevieve, daughter Ashley, and son Timothy

Genevieve, Ashley and Timothy

“When we first tried to register the company, we proposed a number of different names which describe our business. But they were all either rejected by the registrar of companies because they were too generic, or we could not register a domain which sounds anything like the names we selected. So I had to resign myself to the fact that we would have to come up with name which had nothing to do with our business. After an afternoon of doodling, I came up with Genashtim. Two years into the business, when we had eight employees, I gathered them in a room, and asked them to come up with a new name. I then left the room. A couple hours later, they emerged to say that they thought best to just keep the name.”


Thomas Ng