Safida Nadia Mohd Saidi
Safida Nadia Mohd Saidi
Operations Assistant for EPIC Online
Cerebral Palsy

I enjoy working for Genashtim because I have flexible working hours. It is also very convenient for me because I am able to do my tasks at the comfort of my own home. Aside from that, I also love to work for this company because they believe that PWDs have a lot of capabilities, potentials and talents. They allow their PWD staff to share their skills and talents to their team members, and contribute to the success of the company. The company has also helped me to be more financially stable, because I am able to earn money to support my family and buy the things I need and want. We all know that its not very easy to find a job for PWDs, thats why I am very grateful to be part of the EPiC Online Monitoring Team. I am very thankful, because Genashtim has given me the opportunity to show my skills, and trusted me to be part of their team.

Role in the business
Nadia presently works as an Operations Assistant for EPiC Online and is currently on training as an Assistant Secretary. Her tasks include session coordination between coaches and students, ensuring internet connections are of an operational standard during sessions, as well as conducting test calls to ascertain the extent of internet connection problems if they do occur.

Nadia was afflicted with cerebral Palsy when she was 9 months old, due to high fever. Her parents and her son are very supportive to her.

Nadia is currently working as a part time staff in Genashtim. Aside from that, she is also employed as a homebased Recruitment Executive (HR personnel) in one of the recruitment agencies in Malaysia. She also works as a part time English tutor in her living area. Prior to Genashtim, Nadia has worked as a Senior Customer Service Representative and Technical Support for 9 years in an accounting software company. She has also worked as an Administrative and Personal Assistant in an Oil and Gas Industry for one and a half years. She firmly believes that her work experiences make her more confident and continue living with positive attitude.