Zhing Ooi
Zhing Ooi
Client Account Executive

After I graduated from the University of Science, Malaysia, I actively sought a job. Unfortunately, this pursuit was unsuccessful. I felt quite worried and stressed at that time. I got scared because I canít get any job due to my condition, but thanks be to God, my friend introduced Genashtim to me.

For me, Genashtim is a blessing. Genashtim not only provided me a job to work from the comfort of my home, it also inspired and taught me a lot of things. I enjoy working in Genashtim because of the corporate culture that we follow and I also find joy in collaborating with my colleagues. Most of my colleagues are persons with disabilities, same as I am, but they are really very strong and determined and they inspire me a lot. Iím really proud to work with them.

Role in the business
I work as a Client Account Executive. My task includes: Being the main interface for the client relationship. Working closely with the QA to monitor studentsí progress and performance. Providing weekly progress reports to the client to inform them about student progress. Providing a final corporate report to the client upon completion of a student batch. The report should be detailed and should contain proposals moving forward. Besides email and Skype, WhatsApp is a common tool used to provide quick feedback to clients.

I have Spondyloepiphyseal Dysplasia since I was born. Itís a kind of physical disability that affects bone growth which results in dwarfism. My height is only 113cm although Iím 24 years old. I need the help of people to hold my hand while walking. If not, sometimes I will lose balance and fall down. I canít walk too far or stand too long because my legs will get tired easily, therefore, I need to use my wheelchair for long distance undertakings or errands like shopping or travelling. I would like to share one bible verse which has always encouraged and comforted me since I first had a glimpse of it. It is from Psalm 139:14, "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well."