Yoshihito Sasamoto
Yoshihito Sasamoto
Web Developer

Yoshi is a graduate of Associate Software Development- AMA Computer Learning Center Mabalacat Branch. Currently hes in his last year of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology - Mabalacat College.

Role in the business
Yoshihito works as Remote PC Technician for Abled Online, a division of Genashtim Innovative Learning. His tasks include providing technical support for all clients of Abled Online as well as all staff via remote access, ensuring that data backup in the office is implemented, and researching and recommending software and hardware upgrades.


At age 1 he was diagnosed with inborn scoliosis (his back has an S-shape curve) with poliomyelitis. His left leg was affected and did not developed normally. His mother left him to his grandmother to work abroad.

Despite of his disability, he continued to be positive in life and aimed to finish his studies. At present he Is busy with his last year studying Information Technology and looking forward to graduating this coming 2013.