Windy Gao
Windy Gao
Admin Assistant- Mandarin eSpeak

Before I was employed by Genashtim, I was working as a tutor. My income was neither stable nor sufficient to cover my daily and personal needs. I had always hoped to have the opportunity to teach foreign friends Chinese one day. Genashtim gave me a platform to do this as well the opportunity to learn many new things.

I'm very happy to be a part of Genashtim. My income is stable and this has empowered me too fulfill my own needs by being able to work from at home and assist my family financially.

Genashtim's attitude towards people with disability impresses me. They employ PWD's not because they empathize or sympathize with us but because they believe in our knowledge, skill and capabilities. They offer us new ways to learn and work whilst also treating us the same way they would any other employee. I aspire to deliver my best work and grow with the company.