Virneshan Raman
Virneshan Raman
Remote PC Technician

After graduating with a Diploma in Information Technology, I aimed to pursue my advanced degree. Unfortunately, I could not find an accessible college as I am a wheelchair user. So, I decided to look for a job. I had a few interviews but didnít find a position that suited me. So, during my leisure time, I built my skills in IT around web design and graphic design. I also learned how to troubleshoot and repair a computer.

A few months went on and I suddenly got concerned about my future. Since there were no responses to my job applications, I started to search for home-based jobs. Thatís how I found Genashtim. Genashtim for me was a breath of fresh air that came my way just at the right time. Working for Genashtim has given me a sense of focus, and allowed me to keep the faith in myself and in my abilities, despite my disability. I felt this is the right place for me and didnít hesitate to give it a try. It is a great opportunity to show the skills that I have learned. Itís been a few months already since I joined the company and I feel very comfortable to be here.

Role in the business
Iím a Remote PC Technician for Abled Online, a division of Genashtim Innovative Learning. My tasks include providing technical support for Abled Online clients and staff.

I was diagnosed with Myelomeningocele with a tethered cord at lumbosacral region at birth. At the age of 5 months I had undergone a surgery for repair of Myelomeningocele, and had a normal motor growth development until the age of 10. Then I started experiencing Ďleft foot dropí. In 2003 I had again undergone a surgery for a tethered cord release. In 2006, I started having gradual weakness of the right lower limb too. At that time a second surgery for a tethered cord was performed. Then, in 2009 I started experiencing back pain and a gradual increase of weakness in my lower limbs and submitted myself for another surgery for the third release of a tethered cord. After that surgery, I totally lost my walking ability and started using the wheelchair.