Villy Vilano
Villy Vilano
QA Manager
Visually Impaired

"I began working for Genashtim as an EPiC Online English coach. My background is education, so English coaching was a good fit for me.

With the use of accessible technologies for the blind, the liberal perspective of Genashtim towards people with disability, I could excel and develop with a great sense of independence. This was different from my previous employment experience. As a high school teacher for regular students, I had to seek the assistance of my fellow teachers in performing most tasks like supervising classes, monitoring examinations, encoding student's class records, etc. For these reasons I decided to leave the said employment.

Last year, I was promoted as Quality Assurance Supervisor. In this role, I am tasked with post monitoring of EPIC Online sessions and conducting evaluations to make sure every session is up to the standards set by the organization. Such a responsibility might sound taxing for a visually impaired person, but with the attitude of Genashtim focusing on my abilities, rather than my disabilities, I am currently performing with a great feeling of confidence."

Role in the business
Villy started as an EPiC Online English coach, working from home utilizing the advantage of the Internet. He was then promoted to Quality Assurance Supervisor, and is tasked with reviewing the recorded EPiC Online sessions, grading them, and making recommendations for improvement.

Villy became totally blind when he was 16 years old, due to detachment of the retina. Before working for EPiC Online, he was a high-school teacher for a private school for 3 years where he taught History and English subjects to regular students. He was also a Special Education teacher. He mentored visually impaired students who were under the inclusion and individualized instruction program.