Sultana Sarfudeen
Sultana Sarfudeen
Client Account Executive

I was working part-time before taking up my current assignment with Genashtim. However, it was not very fulfilling or made me happy. But I opted for this part-time work as I had some family commitments and also wanted to do something worthwhile during my spare time. Prior to this, I was working full-time with an organization as a Client Coordinator and this role was very enriching in that it gave me the opportunity to utilize my skills and deliver the best I could. More significantly, I was introduced to many new concepts and ideas pertaining to the industry in which I was employed and it helped to learn and apply them in my work.

In my opinion, Genashtim is a place for individuals with immense potential but have yet been ignored by employers for various reasons. I presently work in Genashtim as a Client Support Executive with the eCornell team. Genashtim has provided me the impetus to learn to use a number of new tools and technologies and consequently, led to personal and professional development.

Role in the business
Sultana is one of our client account executive for eCornell. Her tasks include: Monitoring of leads from eCornell as assigned, with prompt follow-up and high conversion rate. If a customer wishes to enrol for the course, have to provide the necessary help in enrolment. Helping the customer until finally registering in the course and invoice sent to the customer for payment.
And then understanding eCornell website and all other related tasks.

Sultana is a person with vision impairment since birth. According to her, Right from her birth, life has presented many challenges and barriers and it was only with her strong determination, will power, confidence and perseverance that she have battled the odds and reached where she is today.