Ronald Go
Ronald Go
Remote PC Technician

I have defined my life as a failure ever since I can imagine, due to the fact that I always fail in everything I do since then. But later when I change my outlook in life, I realized that Failure is just the delayed path to success. For me Life is something that you should live to the fullest. I Enjoy, Cherish, Fulfil, Dare and Fight Life.

No matter how many times it breaks me, I always keep getting back on my feet and get going. Life has showed me many things and I am learning from those experiences that have molded me to become the better person that I am today.

So, my life before Genashtim had been hard at the same time Fun and Exciting. I love the adventures and challenges it brought me. I managed my own time. And I was in control of everything. "I am the captain of my ship and I am the Master of my Fate."

I thought I already had everything I can ask for. In short I am already contented of what and who I am, and what and who I have in life.

Genashtim is the chapter in my life that has given me a different perspective as regards the process of learning and its consequential challenges.

I regard Genashtim as not just about a workplace or job designation but I look at it as my stepping stone to become a better person. It let's me see a brighter picture ahead.

Since I started working for Genashtim I have learned many things and I have grown a lot. My considerable contribution for the betterment of the company makes me proud.

Role in the business
I work as an IT Remote Tech Support Specialist and I am currently with the Abled Department of Genashtim, a department that is tasked to fix all the technical-related concerns of our clients and internal staffs.

I have a Complete Spinal Cord Injury. Cervical c5 c6 c7 level of fractured vertebrae. I had this when I fell off a bridge due to a motorcycle accident back then. Spinal Cord Injury within this level means you are not able to feel or move anything anymore from your chest down, in short I am already Paralyzed. The attending doctors expected the worst scenario - with me as a bedridden patient for as long as I live but my will and determination has proven them wrong.