Mickey Shi
Mickey Shi
Admin & Marketing Assistant
Visually Impaired

"I have been blind for 6 years. To get a job had always been an aspiration of mine since then, but it is really difficult to realize in China. Most of the Chinese blind people just can be masseuse. However this is not something that I can do well. As a result, I could not make a living by myself. But I am so lucky that I became a staff of GENASHTIM in 2010. I love my job because not only I can earn money to help with the financial situation of my family, but also I learn many things which were not taught in school. I am so grateful that I am given such a valuable opportunity. I hope our company will prosper, so that I can grow in my career."

Role in the business
Based out of her home in Tai Yuan, Shaanxi Province in China, Mickey helps our international team interact with our Chinese clients and students. She assists our China team with marketing and business development initiatives in China, and with prospective clients. Mickey is also involved in developing our Mandarin eSpeak program.

I was living a happy life as a healthy girl up till the age of 15. I have a very good family, where I am the only daughter. My parents love me very much. At that time, my father worked for a big factory and my mother was an accountant. I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus in May, 2002. It is a kind of autoimmune disease. Because of this, I was obliged to discontinue schooling and started to receive treatment. But the medications which I had to take caused glaucoma. I became totally blind only three years later due to this. Although disability has come to me, I don't want to give up being a person who can work well in society, just like a sighted person. I had joined in Insight Group, and the leader, Joyce Yeung, gave me lots of opportunities to try to be a good assistant. I have learnt much from her, and I have been able to build my strong points because of her belief and help. Thank you to all who are concerned about the blind and help us realize our dreams! I will work hard in every little thing and never disappoint you.