Madje Lagare
Madje Lagare
Content Development Assistant
Mobility Impaired

My life before Genashtim has been quite monotonous especially when I no longer have to do mental exercise after finishing my second course. Genashtim gave my being a broader perspective on the things that I never thought I am capable of accomplishing, it's like a "wind beneath my wings" scenario. I admit that I sometimes face tasks that require so much patience and dedication but I do not regard these tasks as hindrances, rather, I see these as my loopholes to finding out the areas in my life that I very well know need some initiating to be fully functional. Genashtim has been my balance beam since I joined. I can say that I am well-rounded now. My career started out as a part of the content team and I still am a part of it. I perfectly blend in, may it be on colleague camaraderie or as regards the tasks involved. I am with a feeling of joy and fulfillment every day of my life.

Role in the business
Madje's task in the content development team includes developing Content for EPiC Online. She is also Doing research for EPiC Content Development. She assists Content Development Manager in matters concerning Content Development. She reviews selected pre-assessments done with students and makes the recommendations when necessary.

I am a polio victim who has withstood the physiological battle and has defied death. I got this limitation when I was barely two years old due to their neglect to have me immunized.