Macleen Nabong
Macleen Nabong
IT Supervisor

"Before I joined Genashtim, looking for a job was really difficult for me because of the discrimination with PWDs. Since I graduated, I was only given a chance to work in a government agency only because I was related to a higher official but that was only for 6 months despite having civil service eligibility as one of the requirement to become a permanent employee. I am very grateful to my half-brother for supporting my family and lending me a startup capital to put up and manage a small Internet café where I developed my skills with using computers. But this was not enough to support our needs, so I desperately searched for an online job and luckily found Genashtim."

"Joining Genashtim was very easy; no qualifications are needed as long as you have the determination and you can do the job. I'm very happy that I found here the convenience of working at the comfort of my home and able to look after my kids every day. This is where I also gained experience working with the corporate industry. A few months after working with Genashtim, my works and contributions were highly appreciated that I was promoted to IT Supervisor, which is why I'm very thankful for the opportunity to finally lead my own team and do more for the company."

Role in the business
Mac was promoted as IT Supervisor for Abled Online, a division of Genashtim Innovative Learning. His tasks include supervision of client and company's staff technical support on Abled Online and other IT related matters for the company.

Mac was born as a PWD, particularly orthopedically impaired (no arms from elbow below). He graduated with Bachelor of Science Major in Banking and Finance. Due to the difficulty in seeking a job, he studied again for another year where he took up Internet programming courses. He is now happily married with two kids.