Luis Lima
Luis Lima
Remote PC Technician
Speech Defect

My life before Genashtim was not easy, I wasnít able to finish my four-year course but still I am proud of myself because I finished a vocational course. My attempt to find a job that will match in my skills was a bit of a challenge. One day a friend told me about Genashtim and I thought that this could be it.

Genashtim is helping people who have disabilities. It promotes E-learning programs and it is different to other companies because it gives considerable value to us who have disabilities and it helps enhance our skills. My knowledge is now wider as compared to what I know before. My gratitude to Genashtim!

Role in the business
As a remote PC technician or support representative. I remotely connect to another personís computer so that I may help resolve the problem related to the PC. The main focus is to access computers of clients and colleagues situated anywhere in the world. I also do tasks like file transferring, desktop sharing, file synchronization, command line or guest accessibility.


My Disability is speech defect since birth. When a person is unable to produce speech sounds correctly or fluently or has problems with his or her voice, then he or she has a speech disorder.

While I was growing up my parents discovered that I have a speech problem because they hardly understood some words that I uttered, then my parents decided to have me seen by a doctor and it was discovered that my speech cord has a little hole. My parents tried several ways and means for my cure. I had an operation but it still didnít work. Itís hard to have this kind of disorder because it has a social effect especially so during my childhood. I was the target of bullies. It hurts but I always think positively, that am still blessed because God has given me a wonderful journey through life. I understand completely why I have this kind of disorder. It has its own reasons for being in my life. I thank Genashtim for letting me be a part of it as it has helped me rediscover the strength and potentials that I inherently have inside me.