Lian Lee Colico
Lian Lee Colico
Operations Assistant

Life before Genashtim was easy yet mundane. I controlled everything, my time - my activities. I was absorbed by books, I was engrossed with art, I was preoccupied with creative writing, and I luxuriously indulged in sleep. In short I was a real slacker.

For me, Genashtim serves as a new breaking ground. Working gave way to an opportunity for me to assist and positively contribute to the economic concerns of my family. But of course I consider it a challenge, too, as well as a responsibility to work efficiently and productively in order to repay the trust bestowed on us. It is at the same time a boost for my self-esteem as I am already a self-provider, especially so that my hobby is quite expensive. The company provided me the much needed variation to my flavour-lacking life.

Role in the business
Officially, Lian got hired on January 16, 2015. She is a part of the Epic Monitoring Team. She is one of the Operations Assistants. Her tasks include conducting test calls, ensuring clear connection between the coach and the student, monitoring sessions if they flow accordingly, and making all the necessary reports.

Lian has a disability called Spinal Muscular Atrophy type III. Itís the degeneration of motor neurons resulting to poor muscle strength that gradually affects mobility and muscle tone. She acquired this disease through her parents, both of them being carriers of the defective gene and has passed it on to their offspring. The onset of the disability manifested during her early teenage years. Slowly, she lost the ability to stand on her own feet, walking became impossible and she had to surrender to the use of a wheelchair. To this date, the weakness is creeping up to the extent of her shoulders and arms.