Benjie Bugarin
Ma Leong Leong
Client Support Executive

"I was unemployed when Genashtim offered me a job in January 2015."

Role in the business
I have two functions. Firstly, I am Client Support Executive for eCornell. I respond to enquiries on our website and I follow up with them and try to get them take up eCornell programs. I also assist in enrolment and registration. For this job, my boss is an amputee.

My second function is as accounting assistant. I keep full set of accounts using QuickBooks. And for this job, my boss is a polio victim. I am in a virtual office and operate mainly through SKYPE. I also use tools like Dropbox, WhatsApp, and Viber. Every day, I communicate with my clients and colleagues in many countries.

I suffer from tremors. But that did not stop me from getting 9 distinctions for my Malaysian O-levels, and an Accountancy Degree from University of Malaya, among other academic qualifications.

My wish is to have a permanent and stable job, and I aspire to become a coach. I like working in Genashtim because of flexibility of time. And also people who are there, I got along with them, like them they are teachers.