Kelvin Ricafort
Kelvin Ricafort
Mobile Apps Developer
Cerebral Palsy

Prior to Genashtim I predominantly worked and maintained computers for my family and relatives. I also reformat and manage computers, it is what I do best, and is also my source of income. For this I received between Php 200-500 per job, depending on the complexity of the problem. However, there are long periods that I go without any work to do.

I searched the internet to find companies that employ PWDs and also allow for home based employment. This is how I came to find out about Genashtim. Im thankful to them for giving me the opportunity to work and to share my potential within the company. With Genashtim, Im able to serve clients internationally. My family, relatives and friends are proud of my accomplishments. Because of this job I am able to buy gadgets I have always wished for.

Role in the business
Kelvin currently works as Assistant Secretary and Mobile Apps Developer for the Company.

Kelvin has the disability at birth. He is the eldest of 2 siblings. He managed to have a normal life with the support of his family. He has coped with his condition by having a positive outlook in life and strong faith. He was able to finish his schooling without failing grades.

Kelvin likes feeding and taking care of his pets, particularly fighting fish and guinea pigs. He also likes computers and music.