Karl Tangliben
Karl Tangliben
Client Support Executive

My blindness gave me the most challenging part of life and that is on finding employment. I was told countless of times by different employers that they couldnít hire me because of my disability. Of course, that didnít stop me from finding a job.

I heard about Genashtim through my PWD friends, and I tried my luck in applying. Genashtim is really great, they hire people because of their abilities, and does not consider the disabilities. This is the place where I can just work normally, without thinking people might underestimate my capabilities because of my physical limitation. Since I started working for Genashtim I have learned so many things, which makes me certain that I will continually learn and grow in this company.

Role in the business
I function as to monitor the leads for eCornell as assigned. I need to follow up and high conversion rate;

  1. If customer wishes to enrol for the course, have to provide the necessary help in enrolment;
  2. Helping the customer until finally registering in the course and invoice sent to customer for payment;
  3. Understanding eCornell website and all other related tasks;
Acting as Permanent Staff/Coach for EPiC Online according to Company policy on Permanent

Karl is totally blind since birth due to an eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa.