Joyce Grajo
Joyce Grajo
QA Supervisor

Generally, before working in Genashtim, I was a certified full-time mom to my 5-year-old son. That moment, I experienced a lot of rejections from other companies as I tried to apply several times outside. I felt down, stressful and I couldn’t afford to pay my own bills due to lack of income. Also, I even tried to join Networking companies because they said that I could gain money just by recruiting people. But it’s never easy especially for my situation. Thank God and he used my friend to refer me to his friend ‘Kuya Mac’. Kuya Mac referred me here in Genashtim. After few days, I was notified that there’s a scheduled interview. I was grateful and very happy. I did not miss that opportunity.

Genashtim is like a partner to me. I have been committed for 3 years and I will continue doing so. It’s like having a relationship with someone you can’t afford to lose. This company is a necessity to me and for my family.

Role in the business
At first, I worked as a part-time QA assistant, and after few months, they considered me as full-time already. I’m working as a QA Analyst and full-time coach until now. We are evaluating sessions and assessing students. By assessing them, we need to determine their level and the appropriate content for their lesson. We are also the one who’s observing the performance of the coach. By this, we are the one who’s deciding what will be the penalty if the coach failed to do a successful session. In addition, we are also giving our feedback to the coaches via email, chat or call.

My right leg was amputated above the knee because of bone cancer. I was 9 years old back then. I usually play soccer outside our house and I already felt the pain but I was not spilling it out because I was afraid that time. So, I chose to keep it to myself. Then one day, when my friends and I were playing a Filipino game called “Patintero”, I got slipped into the ground and finally fell down. I felt nervous as I realized that my leg was broken already. I’m crying and asking my friends for help. My mom brought me to the hospital. After few months, the doctor told us that I have a cancer which is the reason why my bone was not reconstructing. And finally, in November 2000, after consulting doctors in three different hospitals, we tried our luck at the St. Luke’s hospital. The doctor decided to amputate my leg because it’s risky if we wait any longer. After that, I had a chemotherapy for 6 months and finally became cancer free until now. Thank God for all the blessings and for another life.