Jett Esguerra
Jett Esguerra
Remote PC Technician

的 am a self-confessed introvert but able to be more engaging with people as time goes by. My vices include online games, horror movies, tinkering with tech stuff and Rubik痴 Cube. I壇 love to say I知 simple guy with a normal life, but then you値l see my nose triple in length. I知 not into the drama of life or being sad because of my reality. I love to laugh and joke around. We are not that blessed when it comes to money, the main reason why I was not able to finish my studies, but that did not stop me from learning on my own and with the help of my friends and family. I believe my life is not one that most would want or dream to have. However, my faith has taught me that everything happens for a reason. I will be great and not just have an ordinary 組et by life.

Role in the business
Jett is a Remote PC Technician for Abled Online, a division of Genashtim Innovative Learning. His tasks include providing technical support for Abled Online clients and staff, monitoring and implementation of in-house data backup and soft/hardware research and recommendations.

At the age of four Jett contracted polio. Unfortunately it affected both set of his feet. His disability did not hinder him from trying to be good at what he loved to do, exploring every corner of life and even going out with his friends. However, as his mobility worsened, the option of being able to work became less viable. Being wheel-chair bound meant not only higher transportation costs but also an unfortunate increase in employment discrimination.

Being employed by Genashtim was one of the best things that has happened to him. It not only made a dream become a reality, it has also given him a sense of fulfillment with the ability to help his family. He enjoys the working environment and the opportunity to work with and learn from colleagues.