Felecia Smith
Felecia Smith
Content Development Assistant

Genashtim is more than a place where I receive a salary. It is an organization that gives opportunities to Persons with Disabilities. This is an outstanding attribute that attracted me to the company. Genashtim is unique and there is no company like this in the world. I am happy to be a part of an organization that does not see ones disability as an impediment. Before I joined Genashtim I was a freelance writer. Like most persons getting a stable job was very difficult. A representative from Jamaica Association for the Deaf told me about Genashtim and I decide to apply for an opening.

I joined the Content Development team March 2017 and it has been a new experience for me. So far I have become technologically inclined and I am sure I will improve in other areas.

Role in the business
Felecia is one of our Content Development Assistant who develop content for EPiC Online; Doing research for EPiC Content Development; Assisting Content Development Manager in matters concerning Content Development; reviewing selected pre-assessments done with students and make recommendations when necessary.

Her disability is invisible without hearing aids. She is not sure if her hearing degenerated or if she was born with it. Her mother realized she had a hearing problem when she was ten years old. She started wearing hearing aids at the age of 12. Felecia shared that in order to function like a normal person and carry out her daily tasks, she have to wear her hearing device.