Chinchin Bascones
Chinchin Bascones
Operations Assistant/Recruitment Support Specialist

Searching for a job had been so hard for a PWD like me. I felt so useless. I felt so incapable every time I received no feedback from the companies I applied for. Luckily, there comes Genashtim. This company had really helped me boost my career. It has taught me how to maximize my strength as well as knowledge. Genashtim has saved my family because it came into my life during the time my motherís pension was cut off by the SSS. It prevented my family from being worried about sourcing the money for rent and paying for other bills.

Currently, I am extremely overwhelmed with trust given my employer bestow upon me. I aspire to keep the trust and work with the company until I retire. I never knew a company who would consider the strength of a PWD existed. I almost lost hope because I was rejected over and over again.

Genashtim is really different from other companies. They consider helping PWDs. They provide chances to those who are not given chances. Thanks to Genashtim. Thank you for giving me a big break and I promise to always do my best.

Role in the business
Currently, Chinchin is working as Operations Assistant/Recruitment Support Specialist for Genashtim. She provides assistance for the monitoring team when there are a lot of sessions. She also helps in creating the Curriculum Vitae for Chapman client.

Chinchin has been a person with a disability since birth. According to her, doctors cannot identify the cause of her situation. She had undergone a lot of therapies and doctorís checkups but no solution was found.