Anita Hai
Coach - MeS

“I am visually-impaired. Before joining Genashtim, Most of my work experience was in customer service. There were times I felt like I was stuck in a rut and yearned to try something different. I am an extroverted person and like to make friends. Since childhood I have had the dream to be a teacher. This dream seemed unobtainable from the day I became a blind.
The day I became a CNPIC coach for Genashtim, my dream came true. Every time I have a session with a student I consider it as an opportunity to challenge myself. I also regard it as a chance to communicate with friends. I would like to thank Genashtim for providing me with a part-time job. It adds variety to my life whilst also giving me the opportunity to improve my English.”

Role in the business:
Anita is a coach for our CNPiC (Chinese Proficiency in Conversation) program. She assists our clients in improving their Mandarin skills.


Anita graduated from SUFE with a Major in MIS. Over the recent years, she has been engaged in the world of the stock market. She also has part-time job as a home based English teacher. In her spare time she keeps her finger on the pulse on the developments in global economics. She is also hooked on music, cooking and making friends from all over.

Anita’s motto - “Never ever give up as I’m in progress.”