Angelyn Asuncion
Angelyn Asuncion
QA Supervisor

“Before joining Genashtim my life was pretty simple, volunteering for a local NGO. I received no income though an allowance was given at times.

Now that I am a part of Genashtim, I have a sense of personal satisfaction and fulfillment as I am able to provide for myself and my family. I started as a part time staffer, helping in the QA department, and was very thankful when I was promoted to a fulltime position in May 2012 as this meant an increase in my earnings as well. I consider this a very good opportunity to sustain our daily lives and future.

Working with Genashtim is challenging. I’m always willing to learn and seek ways to develop myself. I am doing things that I never thought possible and am willing to continue working with the company as long as the Genashtim needs my services. I love Genashtim!”

Role in the business
Angelyn is working as a virtual assistant for the QA Team. Her tasks include researching various topics as well as the storage and filing of Epic Online session audio recordings. She also assists with preparing QA reports for the team.

Angelyn was born with hemimelia, a developmental anomaly characterized by the absence or shortening of the lower portion of one or more of the limbs, In Angelyn’s case the absence of her right arm. It was concluded that this was a result of her mother contracting German measles during her pregnancy. This did not stop her from achieving her goals in life. She completed her studies with a scholarship from NPDRC, via the Liliane Foundation Philippines, where she was volunteering before joining Genashtim.