Adrian Gail Cabuang
Adrian Gail Cabuang
Remote PC Technician

"Before I was employed here at Genashtim, I was just a boy a dream to become a “successful” career person. Each day, I start my day with daily routines - things that I do most if I had free time such as playing guitar, computer games, drawing and making things out of nothing.

"Genashtim supports me not just with my financial needs; the team here is very nice and helpful. The company is a solid training ground for me as a starting Computer Technician and also a good battlefield for my expertise."

Role in the business
Adrian works as a remote PC technician for Abled Online, a department of Genashtim. Among his tasks are doing IT checks, installing PC apps, troubleshooting, and more for both clients and staff.

Adrian was diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta when he was seven years old. Osteogenesis Imperfecta is a disease that affects the long bones. It is also known as the “Brittle Bone Disease” where his bones may easily break with just a slight bump, slip or a traumatic accident. Despite this condition, he studied up to 1st yr college, with a Bachelor in Science in Fine Arts as his course. Unfortunately, he was unable to complete his college studies. He shifted to Information Technology after an accident, but was forced to stop his schooling after another accident. Fortunately, Adrian remains optimistic about his life. He manages to make everyone around him happy and make things light, not heavy. He knows there are people who cannot understand his situation or his view in life. Even so, he gets along with everyone around him.